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The Hayes Code

When we look back on the Trump administration—and if the Kennedy administration was Camelot, what we’re suffering under now is most definitely Scamalot—we’ll give a round of applause to those journalists and media figures who disputed the disinformation and challenged the covfefe. However, some of these Fourth Estate figures deserve their props now—especially when they’ve… Read more »

The President Prattles in Pittsburgh

If you know someone who voted for this man, ask them how they can defend any of this: President Trump on Saturday again called for enacting the death penalty for drug dealers during a rally meant to bolster a struggling GOP candidate for a U.S. House seat here. During the campaign event in this conservative… Read more »

Are Mona Charen and Michael Steele “Woke” Now? No.

They’re probably shocked, shocked to find out that gambling is going on in here, too. It’s tough to have sympathy for ultraconservative syndicated columnist Mona Charen (whose columns could knock an insomniac out) in the wake of the rude treatment she received from the cretins at CPAC this weekend, when she condemned Donald Trump’s disrespectful… Read more »

The Media is the Message

I didn’t think the Fox News Channel could give us anything funnier than Laura Ingraham’s desperate attempts to garner ratings by insulting LeBron James, but the news that Fox has given another unlistenable wingnut radio host, Mark Levin, his own show—which begins tonight—is more hilarious than Redd Foxx in his prime: As previously announced, the… Read more »

They Released the Memo

Well, it’s about damn time: The House Intelligence Committee on Saturday released a classified Democratic memo rebutting GOP claims that the FBI inappropriately spied on an adviser to President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. The committee posted the 10-page document Saturday after weeks of wrangling between the panel’s top Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff, and Justice Department… Read more »

A Golden Age for Progressive Media?

30 years after the contamination of our public airwaves via the national syndication of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program–and five years after the unfortunate demise of Al Gore’s Current TV–it’s good to see some progress in the fight to ensure that the non-wingnut perspective has a solid platform in American media. Last year, the New York… Read more »

A Sad Way to Go

No one ever wants to speak ill of the dead, but what happens when the dead have spoken ill of themselves? John Coleman, the “Good Morning America” forecasting icon who co-founded The Weather Channel, died [last] Saturday. The 83-year-old Coleman, in his later years, may have become best known for championing skepticism about the human… Read more »