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“The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them”

About thirty years ago, the Long Island Regional Poison Control Center ran a semi-famous ad campaign encouraging children not to treat prescription medicine as candy. The spot featured blue pills singing the following: This is serious! We could make you delirious! You should have a healthy fear of us– Too much of us is dangerous!… Read more »

Dirty Deeds: The Trumpist Threat to Clean Air and Water

Presumably, Donald Trump didn’t bring the hack he hired to run the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, along with him to Saudi Arabia because the fossil-fuel fetishist wouldn’t want to leave that petrostate. The New York Times, presumably trying to reduce the public’s contempt towards its decision to hire climate-change denier Bret Stephens to foul… Read more »

MSNBC Mainly Seems Nothing But Conservatives

It must be something in the water at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. That’s the only logical explanation for MSNBC executives reportedly planning to give obnoxious right-wing pundit and Donald Trump apologist Hugh Hewitt a greater media platform: MSNBC is in talks with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt about creating a show for him on weekend evenings,… Read more »

Casualties of War

Forty years ago this Tuesday, President Jimmy Carter nailed it going away in a nationally televised address. The energy crisis has not yet overwhelmed us, but it will if we do not act quickly. It’s a problem that we will not be able to solve in the next few years, and it’s likely to get… Read more »

The New York Times Commits Ecocide

To quote the late hip-hop artist The Notorious BIG, it was all a dream. A dream that the world’s most prominent newspaper would actually cover the most important story of our time with the seriousness it deserves. A dream that the publication would recognize that false balance on climate science was nothing more than an… Read more »