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Post-Florence, The Fourth Estate Must Expand Its Climate Coverage

Once the water recedes, the excuses must recede as well. After the devastation and death wrought by Hurricane Florence, American print, broadcast and cable media outlets have a journalistic obligation to expand its coverage of the existential crisis of human-caused climate change. No longer can we tolerate having extensive coverage of extreme weather without that… Read more »

Strange Brew: The Right’s Pathetic Denial of Racism

Perhaps the most morbidly funny media story of the year is the spectacle of conservative crackpots falling all over themselves to attack the efforts by Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson to address implicit bias, after the horrifying incident in Philadelphia where a Starbucks employee decided that calling the cops on Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, two… Read more »

In Michigan, the Terror of Trumpism

Maybe he thought blowing the kid away would make America great again. In the midst of the media madness over Stormy and Syria, it’s easy to ignore seemingly minor stories that have major implications. One such story comes to us from Michigan, where an innocent 14-year-old was nearly killed due to what can only be… Read more »