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Vice Precedent

Adam McKay’s biopic blames Dick Cheney for the nihilism of the modern Republican Party.

The Republican Death Spiral

Just as the Democrats lost touch with their base and the country in the 1970s, the Republicans appear to be losing some key constituencies they need to remain competitive.

Unicorns. Fairies. Dragons. Moderate Republicans. What Do These All Have in Common?

Anyone who was surprised wasn’t paying attention. The endorsement of Donald Trump ally Geoff Diehl —the character who’s trying to unseat Senator Elizabeth Warren—by alleged moderate Republican and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker was as predictable as the outcome of former UFC star Ronda Rousey’s WWE matches. Party loyalty is thicker than water, and the idea… Read more »

Kelly’s Zeroes: Conway Can’t Even Lie Right

Did you ever see the the 2003 movie A Mighty Wind, a folk-music mockumentary made by the same folks who brought you This is Spinal Tap? There’s a scene in the film chronicling the psychological decline of Mitch Cohen (played by Eugene Levy) following the breakup of his personal and professional relationship with Mickey Crabbe… Read more »