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Basket Cases

In his first year on the Court [Clarence Thomas] scarcely ever left the Supreme Court Building on foot, and that was fortunate, in one way, because it meant that he probably never saw the boldly lettered [graffiti] on a Capitol Hill sidewalk across the street. It said, “Anita Told the Truth.” —“The Burden of Clarence… Read more »

Isn’t It Obvious Kelly and Mattis Wrote the NYT Op-Ed?

There have been actual mysteries in this country. What happened to the missing 18½ minutes on the Nixon tapes? Was there an actual “October surprise” in the 1980 presidential election? Why did anyone ever take George W. Bush seriously? This “mystery” is not one of them. To quote the renowned American philosopher Nasir Jones, it… Read more »

The Right’s Lethal Loathing of the LGBTQ Community

I guess plotting to have people of color harmed or killed at the hands of law enforcement didn’t provide enough of a rush for these folks. Now, they think threatening the lives of LGBTQ Americans is one heck of a way to make America great again: Vermont’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, who is transgender, said Tuesday… Read more »

A Super Decision by the DNC?

Perhaps you can call it a political revolution. Democratic Party officials voted Saturday to strip superdelegates of much of their power in the presidential nominating process, infuriating many traditionalists while handing a victory to the party’s left flank. The measure’s overwhelming approval – met by cheers in a hotel ballroom here – concluded a tense… Read more »

Geek Squad: The GOP Sends Its Weakest Against Warren

Look, I know Republicans have never been big on cleverness or wit, but certainly they could do better than this…word that rhymes with wit. Get a load of this hopelessly lame, hideously corny ad now contaminating television screens in Massachusetts, paid for by one of the junior-varsity GOPers running to win the September 4 Republican… Read more »

The Ecstasy and the Agony

What did Dickens say about the best of times and the worst of times, the age of wisdom and the age of foolishness? Next week marks the tenth anniversary of two back-to-back events that still define our politics–and will continue to define our politics for generations to come. The first such event occurred on August… Read more »