CONSTITUTIONAL SCHOLAR GEORGE WILL SPEAKS….Are filibusters faithful to the spirit of the constitution or not? George Will seems to want it both ways. Atrios has the “then and now” comparison.

In a more serious vein ? and I hope this won’t sound too childishly naive ? why is it that the Senate can’t simply agree on rules for judicial confirmations and stick to them? I’m perfectly OK with the idea that nominees ought to get hearings within a certain amount of time and that courtesy procedures like the blue slip process should remain consistent. Neither side seems especially interested in this, and Orrin Hatch’s cynical change to the blue slip procedure might well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back and got the Democrats mad enough to filibuster Estrada in the first place.

The Senate is supposed to be a famously collegial place. Why is it that they can’t agree on the basic procedures for this stuff and then stick to it?