HOWARD DEAN ON IRAQ….Gabriel Wildau at The American Prospect has an online article today that runs down the highlights of yesterday’s political chat shows.

The home page of The American Prospect lists each day’s new articles in a nice colorful format with handy summaries. They should reproduce this exact same format on their blog, where loyal Tapped readers would all be sure to see it.

He mentions that Howard Dean was not especially impressive defending his position on Iraq, and I agree. I caught a few minutes of Meet the Press, where he appeared, and he seemed pretty uncomfortable with the subject.

In fairness, I think this really is one of those cases where the liberal position is hard to articulate. Why should we care what France thinks? Still, if Dean’s position is that this is a problem that needs broad international support to be resolved successfully ? well, he’d better figure out a way to explain that in a soundbite or two. Maybe that’s unfair, but this is the big leagues.

And while I’m on the subject of the Prospect’s online articles, can I just take this opportunity to say that they run quite a few good pieces every week? A lot of us read Tapped, which usually promotes the online articles in a single post where they all get munged together, and it’s pretty easy to just skip past these posts and miss the articles themselves.

So: don’t just read Tapped. You should also bookmark the Prospect’s home page, where they not only display the contents of their current issue but also highlight each day’s new articles ? usually short takes on timely topics ? along with helpful little summaries. In fact, I think Tapped should take those home page summaries and post them at the top of the blog in the same format they use on the home page. They’d get more attention that way, and I think it’s primarily the new stuff that blog readers tend to be interested in anyway. Whaddaya say, Tapped gnomes?

UPDATE: Of course, it might help the Prospect out if I actually linked to them on my own media list over at the right. Not to mention The Nation, The New Republic, and The Washington Monthly. Sheesh. I’m not exactly helping the cause here, am I? But it’s all fixed now.

Oh, and how about dumping the popup ad on the Prospect’s home page? Pretty please?