AN INTERVIEW WITH HOWARD DEAN….Liberal Oasis has an email interview with Howard Dean up today. Check it out.

I think it’s nice that Dean gave an interview to a blogger, and it looks like it really was him answering the questions. I’ve always thought that email interviews with politicians were problematic because (a) it’s too easy to just regurgitate campaign talking points in email, and (b) it’s too easy to assign the interview to a staffer. Who would know?

Like I said, however, this sounds like it’s really Dean, which makes this answer to a question about his opposition to the Iraq war immensely frustrating:

Frankly, I’ve never understood why [Bush] was concentrating on Iraq, which had been successfully contained for twelve years, while every day a country like North Korea develops its nuclear capability.

OK, then, Dr. Dean, what do you think we should be doing about North Korea?

But there was no followup. Argggh.

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