A 6-STEP PROGRAM….Britain is in a frenzy of UN activity trying to secure passage of a second resolution that sets out firm benchmarks for Saddam Hussein. Here they are:

  1. Mr. Hussein must admit on Iraqi television that he possesses weapons of mass destruction and will now disarm fully.

  2. He will account for and destroy stocks of anthrax and other biological and chemical weapons.

  3. Mr. Hussein will permit 30 scientists and their families to fly to Cyprus for interrogation by United Nations weapons inspectors.

  4. He will admit to possession of an unmanned drone aircraft discovered by inspectors.

  5. He will promise to destroy mobile production facilities for biological weapons.

  6. Mr. Hussein will pledge to complete the destruction of all unlawful missiles.

I guess it’s worth a try, but it doesn’t seem likely that anything like this will fly in the Security Council.

And when you get right down to it, isnt #1 the only one that matters? The others are really just window dressing, aren’t they?

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