STILL HUNTING FOR THE WMD….From the London Times today:

After failing to get any evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the US and Britain have decided to delay indefinitely the publication of a full report on the controversial issue, media reported today.

Efforts by the Iraq Survey Group, an Anglo-American team of 1,400 scientists, military and intelligence experts, to scour Iraq for the past four months to uncover evidence of chemical or biological weapons have so far ended in failure, The Sunday Times claimed in its report.

From Dick Cheney this morning:

US Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday that he has “no doubt” that ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was engaged in developing weapons of mass destruction and that more evidence of the programs will be found.

….Cheney said a team led by David Kay, a former UN arms inspector currently in Iraq hunting for evidence of Saddam’s weapons programs, would find proof of Iraqi efforts to develop nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

So who’s telling the truth? And don’t you wish that your automatic answer was “the vice president of the United States, of course”?