CHENEY vs. THE TRUTH….Dick Cheney, two days ago:

We’ve found a couple of semi-trailers at this point which we believe were in fact part of [a WMD] program. I would deem that conclusive evidence, if you will, that he did in fact have programs for weapons of mass destruction.

David Kay, today:

Dr. Kay added that there was now a consensus within the United States intelligence community that mobile trailers found in Iraq and initially thought to be laboratories for biological weapons were actually designed to produce hydrogen for weather balloons, or perhaps to produce rocket fuel.

I’m sure Cheney will issue a retraction any day now.

By the way, I highly recommend reading the entire text of the Kay interview along with Ken Pollack’s recent Atlantic article. Taken together, I think they provide a fairly coherent summary of what actually happened in Iraq and within the intelligence community over the past decade. (Note, however, that they disagree about the extent to which the Bushies corrupted the intelligence process. On this, I think Pollack is more believable.)