CAN WE JUST IMPEACH THE ENTIRE HOUSE?….As correspondent Ian D remarks, “It can get stupider”:

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Brooksville, plans to introduce a bill today proposing that the families of the thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen buried in France and Belgium be allowed to dig up their remains and have them shipped home. “The remains of our brave servicemen should be buried in patriotic soil, not in a country that has turned its back on the United States and on the memory of Americans who fought and died there,” Brown-Waite said.

Yesterday Glenn Reynolds suggested that renaming french fries wasn’t such a bad idea. Just a way of blowing off steam without “being destructive or self-defeating like trade sanctions.”

Hmmm. It looks to me like this silliness is rather quickly morphing into being both destructive and self-defeating. Care to comment on this latest escalation, Glenn?

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