BUSH AND CANADA….Henry Farrell and Dan Drezner both have good comments about the latest Bush administration imbecility in threatening Canada for not supporting our war with Iraq. The Globe and Mail reports that our ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, said that:

the relationship between the two countries will endure in the long term, but “there may be short-term strains here.”

Asked what those strains would be, Mr. Cellucci replied, “You’ll have to wait and see.” But he cryptically added it is his government’s position that “security will trump trade,” implying possible implications for cross-border traffic.

“You’ll have to wait and see.” Huh? Has Cellucci been taking lessons from the Godfather?

Are these guys ever going to learn? Don’t they understand that publicly threatening people doesn’t get them to back down, it just pisses them off? Hell, it didn’t even work against Saddam Hussein, let alone the prime minister of Canada, who would be out of a job in a wink if he were seen as caving in to American pressure.

The fact is that threats and intimidation virtually never work. It didn’t work against Saddam, it didn’t work against the Turks, and it didn’t work against France. It hasn’t worked for either Israel or the Palestinians, although neither side has learned this lesson over the past half century. And it didn’t work for Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbor.

It’s not going to work for George W. Bush either, and the fact that he keeps trying shows just how bankrupt and desperate his foreign policy is.