CANADA AND TERRORISM….Canadian Dan Simon suggests that several of us bloggers have overreacted to the remarks of Paul Cellucci, the American ambassador to Canada, who dressed down Canadians on Tuesday for not supporting the U.S. sufficiently. Dan points to this account in the conservative National Post, which is somewhat friendlier to Cellucci.

To my eyes the Post account doesn’t really look all that different, although at the very end it does have an entertaining list of anti-American comments from prominent Canadians. However, Dan thinks that Cellucci’s comments were driven more by concern about Canada’s lax attitude toward terrorist groups within its borders than by their non-support of the war.

I don’t entirely buy this, but you can take a look for yourself. In any case, Dan is certainly right that these dustups happen every few years or so and usually calm down fairly quickly. Hopefully W won’t hold one of his famous grudges against Canada for the rest of his term.

UPDATE: On the other hand, Canadian expat Scott Martens thinks things are even worse than I do. And he’s got newspaper headlines to prove it!