STATE OF THE NATION….Bill Schneider on CNN reports that American morale is holding up well: 70% of Americans still support the war. Lou Dobbs asks, what does it mean? Schneider: “It shows that the American public is pretty shrewd….We’re in this for the long run.”

Yeah, baby! Seven whole days and we’re still supporting the war! We Americans really know how to stick it out, don’t we?

Can someone please shut these nitwits up?

POSTSCRIPT: I wonder what the real American tolerance for war is these days? In the last 30 years we haven’t waged a war longer than a couple of months or with more than 300 deaths. Does anyone seriously believe that the American public would tolerate Gulf War II if it lasted a year and took 10,000 lives? It’s not likely that we’ll have to find out, but talking about the grim determination of the United States until we approach these kinds of figures seems laughable.

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