INTERRACIAL DATING….This may be old news to some, but I spent the morning reading the Economist since blogger is, once again, FUBAR, and discovered something I didn’t know.

Remember the Texas sodomy case that was argued before the Supreme Court last week? Here are the basic facts of the case:

A panicky neighbour had just called to say that a man with a gun was ?going crazy? in John Lawrence’s apartment. But when police burst in they found, not a crazed gunman, but Mr Lawrence and his friend Tyron Garner having sex. Relieved and no doubt red-faced, the cops might have slipped away. Instead, they arrested the two men under Texas’s rarely-enforced Homosexual Conduct Law and held them overnight in jail.

But why did a panicky neighbor call? And why did the cops arrest them instead of just slipping away?

Like I said, this might be old news to some, but this article is the first one I’ve read that had a picture of the two men involved. Do you notice anything, um, distinctive about them that might have caught the eye of a nosy neighbor and a couple of Houston cops?