HSDB….I tend not to mock other bloggers on this site ? and virtually never fellow liberals, I might add, just as an out-of-the-blue aside to all my lefty friends ? but sometimes playground humor seems the only reasonable response to someone who has gone off the deep end. That “someone,” of course, is Steven Den Beste, who seems to live in a fictional but internally consistent universe of his own making here in sunny Southern California.

Today’s contribution to Den Bestian mockery is to rescue from the oblivion of Matt Yglesias’s comment section this example of Haiku Steven Den Beste, an alternative to the popular but more prosaic Shorter Steven Den Beste:

Master strategist
Plots his next move carefully:
I will eat the French

This is courtesy of Randy Paul, who runs Beautiful Horizons, a blog dedicated primarily to Latin America, an area of the world not getting a lot of attention at the moment.

Next up: Steven Den Beste in sonnet form.