SHORTER STEVEN DEN BESTE….My post about Syria just below made me wonder: what is Steven Den Beste up to these days? So I went and looked.

A bunch of France bashing, mostly, but he does have one interesting bizarro-theory post up right now. Remember Where is Raed, the blog written by the pseudonymous Salam Pax from Baghdad in the form of letters to his friend Raed? It was last updated on March 24, and according to Den Beste:

On March 25, Raed Rokan Al-Anbuge was arrested in New York and has been held by US authorities ever since.

Was the blog a hoax and was Raed Rokan Al-Anbuge actually Salam Pax? If you want to know more, you’ll have to click the link and plow through 1,500 words that include a lengthy dissertation about internet hoaxes through the ages. Oh, and some of his commenters say he’s wrong. Go figure.

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