THE CUNNING PLAN….Remember all those Andrew Sullivan-ish bloggers (like, for example, Andrew Sullivan) who claimed that every seeming misstep by the Bush administration over the past nine months was actually the result of a concealed but devious master plan? You know, they tricked the Democrats into calling for a congressional vote, they tricked the liberals into demanding we go through the UN, etc. etc.

So why the silence now over Rumsfeld? It’s tailor made for these guys: all those leaks from the Pentagon and planted complaints from front line troops were cleverly designed to get the media all psyched up for some good Rumsfeld bashing ? but then the rug got pulled out from under them when the whole strategy worked! It’s genius!

Of course, you have to say that now if you want any credibility, not after we win. So here’s your chance, and I’m offering it up for free.

The sad part is that the administration ? including Rumsfeld ? almost certainly miscalculated a lot of things, especially the joy with which Iraqis would greet us as liberators, something that is likely to haunt us in post-war Iraq. On the other hand, we are going to win the war, and probably in fairly short order. So even if it wasn’t a devious plot, liberal hand wringers are going to come out of this whole affair looking pretty weak.

Another tactical error by the good guys. Sigh