THOSE DAMN FRENCH, PART 43….National Review Online reports that Rep. Scott McInnis (R-Colo.) is standing up for our troops:

“To force the relatives of our servicemen and women fighting the war in Iraq to mourn their loss under a headstone supplied by a company with French allegiance is an insult that no American soldier or their family should be forced to endure,” McInnis wrote in a letter to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony Principi released Wednesday.

Actually, it turns out the headstones come from the Georgia Marble Company in, um, Georgia, which is owned by a French parent.

But what’s really odd is that the NRO piece is written like an AP dispatch, which leaves one to wonder: do they approve of McInnis’ action or not?

UPDATE: A reader points out what I missed when I skimmed through the NRO story:

McInnis represents the Western Slope of Colorado where one of the country’s largest marble quarries is (in of all places, the town of Marble). My sense is that he is recommending that we start buying the marble from the quarry that just happens to be in his district. This is simple opportunism, not any kind of patriotism.

There’s a lot of that going around: Qualcomm is still badgering Donald Rumsfeld to use its (incompatible) cell phone technology in Iraq, something that even ex-Qualcomm war hawk Steven Den Beste thinks is a dumb idea. The LA Times has the full story today.