PLAGIARISM PROBLEM INTENSIFIES FOR MCINNIS…. Colorado’s gubernatorial race received a jolt yesterday when Scott McInnis, the leading Republican candidate, was found to have received $300,000 to write about state water policy, but in multiple instances, presented someone else’s work as his own. Late yesterday, McInnis apologized privately to the original author whose work was taken.

Today, it appears McInnis has some more apologizing to do.

A new example of possible plagiarism by Scott McInnis surfaced Tuesday as the Republican gubernatorial candidate faced calls to repay $300,000 he received for plagiarized essays on water that he submitted as “original works.”

A Denver Post review of McInnis’ floor speeches and columns published during his congressional career found striking similarities between a 1995 speech and 1994 column by McInnis and a previously published Op-Ed in The Washington Post.

There’s no real doubt here. In November 1994, Richard V. Allen and Daryl M. Plunk wrote a piece about U.S. policy in the Korean peninsula. Six weeks later, McInnis wrote his own op-ed in a Colorado newspaper that used identical language, and then a month later, used the copied language again in a congressional speech. At no point did McInnis cite or credit the original work.

In other words, the controversy isn’t over yet.

Indeed, in Colorado, the political impact of McInnis’ plagiarism is still playing out. State House Speaker Terrance Carroll (D) has called on McInnis, a former Republican congressman, to drop out of the race due to these questions about his “integrity.” Dan Maes, a McInnis primary opponent, said the candidate’s private apology is “unacceptable,” because McInnis “still isn’t taking responsibility” for his mistake. Maes added that “this will not blow over.” Former Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer is piling on, too.

Between McInnis in Colorado and Mark Kirk in Illinois, it’s not a great year for Republicans seeking statewide office demonstrating honesty and integrity.

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