ANTI-NEOCON?….OR ANTI-SEMITE?….Last month I wrote a piece asking how to write about neocons without being thought anti-semitic (here, with followups here). My phrasing of the question was poorly chosen, which in turn meant the answers were not very helpful, and that’s too bad because I can now say that this question feels much more vital to me. This is because (a) the more I learn about the neocon agenda, the less I like it and the more I want to tear into neocons in general, and (b) it’s clear that many people try to turn off this discussion by tarring anti-neocons like me as anti-semites.

I’ve been cross-posting some of my Calpundit pieces to the Command Post, and yesterday I posted there about the latest LA Times poll, along the way mentioning how this affected the “neocon grand plan.” Aside from the usual conservative vitriol toward anyone who thinks American power should be used sparingly, there were these two responses in comments:

Calpundit – you forgot to call the neocons a “cabal of neocons” so that everyone could wink, wink, nudge, nudge understand what you mean.

And this:

Bill Kristol is a very VINDICATED man right now. At least we can be thankful that you refrained from calling him a Zionist. You’re so subtle.

At this point all I can do is echo what Jim Henley said a couple of weeks ago:

Public Notice – If you seriously maintain that “neoconservative” is a code word for “Jewish,” you are an ass. The only question is whether you’re an ignorant ass, one who somehow missed a thirty-year-plus intellectual tradition and yet feels unaccountably qualified to comment on political matters, or a dishonest ass.

William Kristol can’t plead ignorance. Some of the rest of you may have had an excuse. No longer.

That’s my motto from now on.

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