2003 PULITZER PRIZES….The 2003 Pulitzer Prizes have been announced. The Boston Globe won the top prize for their stories about sexual abuse by priests, the Washington Post won three prizes, including one for international reporting, and my hometown Los Angeles Times also won three, including the national reporting prize for a series of stories about problems with the Harrier jet. Oddly, the Washington Times got shut out.

Robert Caro won the biography prize for Master of the Senate, part 3 of his (allegedly) 4-part biography of Lyndon Johnson. In a lot of ways, I actually thought Master was the weakest of his books because it took so many long and unnecessary detours as it meandered through the decade of the 50s, but who cares? Caro deserves a second Pulitzer regardless, so I’m glad he got it this year.

The LA Times summary, unsurprisingly headlined “L.A. Times Wins Three Pulitzer Prizes,” is here. The Post summary, unsurprisingly headlined “Washington Post Wins Three Pulitzers ,” is here.

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