JESSICA LYNCH UPDATE….From the “totally unsubstantiated but what the hell” department, here’s something from the comments section over at Road to Surfdom about the discovery and rescue of Jessica Lynch:

The day of Pte Lynch’s rescue, a BBC journalist on BBC World TV reported that the raid on the hospital was to check out military activity there, but when helpful Iraqi soldiers told them about a POW in bed and dead POWs in the morgue and buried in the garden they raced off to find them. Afterwards they doublechecked for military activity and found an empty command centre complete with 3-dimensional terrain maps etc. But all personnel had gone. Still they’d rescued Pte Lynch and 11 cadavers.

The day after, at 03.30 am GMT (7.30 am in Iraq), another BBC journalist on BBC World TV reported that US military analysts who had examined the video made of the raid recognised the helpful soldier who’d sent them hareing off for Pte Lynch and the corpses. It was Saddam’s brother-in-law and military Commander of southern Iraq – General ‘Chemical’ Ali himself.

The story was never repeated on BBC. Suddenly somebody reported about the helpful lawyer, Mohammed. And someone told the press that it was now a primary objective to “get” ‘Chemical’ Ali.

Whether he was killed in Basra as claimed has not been confirmed. “Mohammed” has disappeared. And the press aren’t allowed anywhere near Pte Lynch.

This story isn’t over.

Gerard Mulholland,
British ex-pat in Paris, France


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