JESSICA LYNCH….The warhawkish side of the blogosphere continues to go nuts over the BBC’s allegations that the rescue of Jessica Lynch wasn’t quite what it seemed to be. The problem is that they’re obsessively focusing on the Iraqi doctor who claimed that some of the rescuers’ guns were firing blanks, a rather minor part of the story, and ignoring everything else.

So I’ll say it again: all the Pentagon has to do is release the raw tape of the rescue and everything will be made clear. And since the BBC is clearly a tool of Saddam and it’s inconceivable that the Pentagon would ever lie about anything, the blogo-hawks should be all in favor of this, right?


UPDATE: I’m really not a fan of Robert Scheer, but I have to admit that he makes a telling point in his column today about the Lynch rescue:

What is particularly sad in all of this is that a wonderfully hopeful story was available to the Pentagon to sell to the eager media: one in which besieged Iraqi doctors and nurses bravely cared for ? and supplied their own blood to ? a similarly brave young American woman in a time of madness and violence. Instead, eager to turn the war into a morality play between good and evil, the military used ? if not abused ? Lynch to put a heroic spin on an otherwise sorry tale of unjustified invasion.

Yeah, they had a perfectly good story already, but they just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Remember, even the British press liaison thought the Lynch rescue was “hugely overblown,” and surely he’s not a mere tool of Saddam?