LIFE IN A STATE OF NATURE….Ah, that’s better. I’m back in touch with the world again.

Yesterday morning my internet connection went down. I turned on the TV and it wasn’t working either. Got up, looked around, and there was a cable company truck outside my house. Excellent, I thought, someone’s already here to fix things!

This unusual burst of optimism toward corporate America was unfounded, though. It turned out the cable guy was not here to fix my problem, but to cause it. A few minutes ago a second cable guy finally dropped by, spent 20 seconds putting the connection back together, and I’m back in business.

So I spent a whole 24 hours with no internet and no TV, and I tell you it was a horrible thing, just horrible. After all, what’s the point of living such a gray and empty life, with nothing except books, movies, music, telephone conversations, dining, and actual human interaction to take its place? What indeed?

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