X-MEN QUESTION….So, I just watched the first X-Men movie and ? um….what’s that? Backwards, you say? Well, yeah, I foolishly ignored everyone’s advice and went out to see X-Men 2 on Monday even though I hadn’t been able to rent Part 1, but then Marian got a copy yesterday from a friend at work so I watched it tonight.

Too bad, too. The first half hour of Part 2 probably would have made a lot more sense if I’d seen Part 1 first. Especially since, like Jacob Levy, I was a DC kid and don’t know the Marvel titles very well, least of all X-Men, which I’ve never read at all. On the other hand, if you have any questions about Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, or, above all, the ever-entertaining Legion of Super Heroes, just let me know….


Anyway, I have a question: is this whole Mutant Registration Act thing just a movie plot device, or is it also an ongoing theme in the comic book? Just curious.