X-MEN….I just saw X-Men 2, and it was pretty good if you’re partial to that kind of thing (i.e., action packed comic book dramatizations). I have to say, though, that if I were running a school for super-powered mutant children, I’d have slightly better security than Dr. Xavier seems to have. You know, at least a burglar alarm or something, although an impenetrable force shield of some kind would be an even better bet.

While I’m on the subject ? and yes, I realize that criticizing the plot devices of comic books is fairly pointless ? I’d like to make one other observation. One of the standard tropes of superhero comics is that the villains are also super powered in some way because ? well, it doesn’t really need any explanation, does it? Superman is reputed to be invulnerable to atomic blasts, so it’s not likely that even the fictional super-military that populates Tom Clancy novels would have much luck against him, is it?

So why then does this movie work on the premise that a few special ops guys helicoptered out to the mutant school might actually do some damage? Hmmm?