GAY RIGHTS….Since I’ve been flogging gay rights as a campaign issue for a while, Steve Timberlake of Linkmeister passes on ? natch ? a link to today’s edition of The Note, which covers the issue from a political perspective:

But there is a big caveat: many, many Republican Party activists are viscerally uncomfortable with homosexuality.

Many feel in their hearts that it’s sinful. Many believe that the media and the Washington Establishment (Republicans and Democrats) are consciously pro-gay, vocally promote the “gay agenda,” and sanction a way of life they think leads to early deaths, broken families, and biblical sin.

….So long as the GOP relies on them, the dissonance between Washington Republicans and many Outside the Beltway Republicans on gay issues will be real, and many Republican politicians will be confronted with uncomfortable trade-offs.

Support of gay rights carries political risks for both parties, but I think there’s only one relevant question: which party will it hurt more? I think it’s pretty obvious that Republicans have more to lose here, and events of the past couple of months have made that even more obvious. Democrats, though cautious, are comfortable with the issue, while Republicans from George Bush down desperately want to avoid it. Shouldn’t that tell us something?

POSTSCRIPT: And while I’m on the subject of The Note, can someone tell me why they insist on being the Steven Den Beste of political analysis? Everybody tells me I should read The Note daily, but hell, there’s only so many hours in a day and they never use a hundred words when a thousand will do instead. Today’s edition, as usual, clocks in at over 7,000 words. Don’t they have an editor over there?