REPUBLICANS FINALLY STAND UP FOR GAY RIGHTS!….Fox News reports that Republicans ? well, “one Republican” anyway ? is outraged over Pete Stark’s homophobic outburst last week:

“‘You little fruitcake, you little fruitcake, I said you are a fruitcake,’” [Rep. Kenny] Hulshof, R-Mo., read from the unofficial transcript.

Stark directed the word ? considered by some to be a gay slur ? at Republican Rep. Scott McInnis, who is married and by all accounts not gay.

Republican sources also claim that during the chaotic scene in the committee, Stark fired another gay slur in the direction of Chairman Thomas. The word is too vulgar to print in full, but the last half of it is “sucker.”

Now, one Republican wants to know where is the outrage at the Democrat for his seemingly intolerant remarks.

Oh please. Everybody knows that “cocksucker” is just a codeword that allows baseball managers to be ejected from games. And “fruitcakes” ? well, those are the guys with the tinfoil hats, which seems to be a fairly accurate description of Bill Thomas, the guy it was directed at. In fact, apparently even Republicans are now “quietly whispering” that perhaps Thomas is something of a fruitcake.

And who is this Republican who’s so eager to see a gay slur in all this? Why, none other than Palm Beach congressman Mark Foley, who, as we all know, is a wee bit sensitive about the proposition that being gay is a slur. Time to get a new schtick, congressman….

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