THE TNR PRIMARY….There are times when I think Atrios is a mite too harsh on liberals who criticize some aspect or another of liberalism, but I have to agree with his assessment of the New Republic’s snarky new TNR Primary blog:

Great, just what we need – non-stop nitpicking of the candidates by “even the liberal” TNR. Look, I’m not against constructive criticism but this kind of carping isn’t exactly helpful. Besides, I thought that was even the liberal EVERYONE ELSE IN THE MEDIA’s role.

So, the Dems will get stepped on from the left over at the Nation, smacked into submission from the center by The American Prospect, and bludgeoned from the right by the New Republican – and that’s the liberal media for god’s sake.

TNR’s schtick is that they assign a grade to each post, and by my count not a single candidate at the moment has a GPA higher than a C+. If the snide carping that characterizes most of their posts is really what they think of the Democratic field, maybe they should just keep quiet and let National Review have the field to themselves. How much worse could it be?

UPDATE: Plus, I can’t even figure out what some of the posts are about. Take this one, for example, about some throwaway line of Howard Dean’s. Dean’s statement is “an attempt to win points with know-nothing Francophobes”? Huh?

Oh, and just for the record, they’re wrong to say that “uninformed xenophobia is hardly the stuff that proves presidential mettle.” On the contrary, it seems to be a real winner for some of them….