IT’S LIVE….AND, YES, IT’S BS….A reader sends along this inadvertant piece of political commentary from CNN. Yuck yuck.

But as long as it’s there, I’d like to say that I’m getting pretty tired of those marketing-driven backgrounds that Karl Rove plasters behind Bush’s mug at every opportunity. Isn’t it about time for the news networks to start digitally removing these things? After all, their sole purpose is to get them on the evening news and burn the association into viewers’ minds: Bush mean Jobs! Bush means Growth!

I don’t really know who started this. Did Clinton do it? Bush Sr.? Whatever. But the networks have no obligation to provide pseudo-subliminal advertising for political figures, and they shouldn’t. If they can digitally insert a yellow line on a football field or turn a tennis court into an advertisement for AOL, they sure ought to be able to remove these backgrounds pretty easily too. Write and tell ’em so.

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