GALLOWAY UPDATE….A few weeks ago a Telegraph reporter named David Blair, while rummaging around the foreign ministry building in Baghdad, found documents claiming that Iraq had paid $10 million in bribes to lefty MP George Galloway.

On Sunday, the Mail apparently ? “apparently” because it’s not online so I can’t check myself ? reported that the documents were forgeries. Here’s the secondhand report from the Mirror:

But the documents, offered by former Republican Guard General Salah Abdel Rasool, contain obvious mistakes.

A scrawl claimed to be Mr Galloway’s signature on “receipts” has no similarity to his real one.

The operation, revealed by the Mail on Sunday, also threw up glaring misspellings of Iraqi officers’ names and mistakes in the title of Saddam’s son Qusay, also said to have signed the document.

Mr Galloway, suspended from the Labour party last week over the affair, said: “I do not know who is behind this but I have my suspicions.

Not only is all this from the British press, but this is a tabloid reporting on what another tabloid said a few days ago. So who knows? For its part, the Telegraph has ignored the allegations.

But I think we can take away at least two things from this. First, there is something very odd going on. And second, what’s the deal with reporters named Blair these days?

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