METROPOLITAN CONSERVATIVES….One more thought on the subject of gay rights. John Derbyshire wrote an interesting and much blogged piece last week in which he said this:

Look at me. I have not the slightest doubt that I am a conservative by thought, feeling and instinct, yet on a lot of the issues that define American conservatism, I barely move the needle from the zero mark on the dial. I have guns but only fire them down at the range once a month, for the satisfaction of it, and to develop confidence in handling them. I have never hunted with guns. I am only feebly religious ? feebly Episcopalian, in fact, which is feebleness squared! Homosexuality? I don’t like it, and have got myself in a lot of trouble for saying so rather bluntly, but I wouldn’t criminalize it. Abortion? Pretty much the same. Creationism? Sorry, I think it’s pseudoscience. I’m fine with evolution.

Derbyshire himself may not be voting for a Democrat anytime soon, but I’ll bet there’s a fair number of his “metropolitan conservatives” who are personally socially liberal and who mostly try to ignore the fact that they are sharing a party with some real bigots.

Let’s not let them ignore it any longer.

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