SPEED LIMIT….Hmmm, apparently Britain has a new record holder for breaking the speed limit:

Britain’s fastest speeding motorist, a banned driver who was caught on a police camera driving at 156.7mph on a dual carriageway was jailed for five months yesterday.

….His vehicle, a ?45,000, 3.2 litre BMW M3, was noticed first by road traffic officers with Grampian Police who called their counterparts in Tayside Police. McAllister was stopped on the outskirts of Dundee.

McAllister had already been banned from driving, and in addition to his 5-month jail sentence he was also banned for another four years. But then there’s this:

The previous record for a car driver caught by speed cameras in Britain was 155mph, recorded by George MacLean, a Porsche driver from Inverness, in 1990.

The fastest speed measured on a British road was recorded three years ago by Daniel Nicks, who reached 175mph on a 900cc Honda Fireblade motor-cycle on a road in Hertfordshire and was jailed for six weeks.

Sheesh, a Porsche driver couldn’t outgun a BMW M3? What’s the world coming to?

And I wonder if it’s really such a good idea for the Telegraph to publish these speeding records anyway? It just gives people something to shoot for.

(Although it does sort of make me wonder what the speeding record is in California….)