THE MISSING WMD….THEORY XVII….?ber-hawk Kenneth Adelman offers up yet another possible explanation for the missing WMD:

“It’s just very strange,” said Kenneth Adelman, a member of a Pentagon advisory board who had predicted weapons would be found a month ago. “There will certainly not be the quantity and proximity that we thought of before.” Adelman says Hussein may even have launched “a massive disinformation campaign to make the world think he was violating international norms, and he may not have been.”

The weird thing is that I might even buy this theory if I had a couple of drinks in me. The idea that Saddam no longer had WMD but couldn’t stand the thought of fessing up to this ? well, it kinda fits his personality, doesn’t it? He just had to be the biggest, meanest kid on the block. And who knows? Being the out of touch guy that he is (was?), maybe he never believed that we’d actually invade.

It is truly an Alice in Wonderland world we live in, isn’t it?

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