WMD HUNT UPDATE….Jeez, I almost forgot to link to the latest administration speculation from Donald Rumsfeld about the missing WMD. For the record, here are the theories so far, along with their authors:

  1. Lots of people: Dammit, it wasn’t about WMD, it was about liberation.

  2. Ariel Sharon and Richard Perle (among others): Saddam surreptitiously moved the WMD to Syria before the war.

  3. Jim Lacey: Saddam’s underlings never built any WMD, but they hid this from Saddam out of fear.

  4. Kenneth Adelman: Saddam didn’t have any WMD but launched a massive disinformation campaign to convince everyone that he did.

  5. Donald Rumsfeld: Saddam destroyed all his WMD before the war.

Am I missing any?

From now on I will just refer to these theories by number, OK? It ought to speed up future posts. If everyone else could standardize on this system too, that would be great. It should save us all a lot of time.

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