THE WMD HUNT CONTINUES….SORT OF….The hunt for WMD in Iraq gets more bizarre every day. Via The Daily Weasel (who has his own comments), here’s an AP dispatch in the Miami Herald:

No U.S. weapons hunters or intelligence officials have visited the heart of Iraq’s missile programs – the state-owned al-Fatah company in Baghdad, which designed all the rockets Saddam Hussein’s troops fired in 1991 and again this year. Not only that, it’s not even on their agenda.

“We have the most sensitive documents here,” said Marouf al-Chalabi, director-general of al-Fatah. “We were sure the Americans would target us but they haven’t even dropped by.”

….Over the past 11 weeks, U.S. search teams have visited more than 230 suspected sites from a list drawn up U.S. intelligence but found no weapons.

Al-Chalabi, who studied engineering at the University of Colorado from 1964 to 1969, is convinced none will be found. He said he showed U.N. inspectors everything he had and was ordered by Saddam not to violate U.N. resolutions.

“We don’t have those weapons. I think they must know this by now,” al-Chalabi said. “I even signed a paper that said I would be executed if I violated the range fixed by the U.N. resolutions.”

Curiouser and curiouser….