BLAIR COOK ON WMD….This is from Fred Kaplan’s article in Slate today about the missing WMD:

Like most public events, wars, even premeditated wars, rarely have a single rationale. But a powerful rejoinder comes from Tony Blair, the British prime minister. “I have absolutely no doubt at all about the existence of weapons of mass destruction,” Blair told reporters on Thursday. Asked if it matters whether they exist, Blair replied, “It matters immensely because the basis on which the war was sold to the British House of Commons, to the British people, was that Saddam represented a serious threat.”

Good for Tony, I thought, at least he’s sticking to his guns that the existence of WMD was vitally important as a justification for war.

Nope. Kaplan screwed up. That quote actually comes from Robin Cook, who opposed the war all along.

Blair, it turns out, was in Warsaw at the time, obviously getting a little bit sweaty and overtalkative about the whole situation….

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