O’REILLY VS. FRANKEN….Thanks to a comment from Linkmeister below, I just caught some CSPAN-2 coverage of a luncheon at the LA BookExpo featuring Bill O’Reilly, Al Franken, and Molly Ivins. Ivins and O’Reilly gave a presentation on their upcoming books, and then Franken got up and just tore into O’Reilly, telling a long story about how O’Reilly misrepresented an award he won and never corrected himself. O’Reilly just sat there fuming, and when Franken was done they started snarling at each other like a pair of wolves. Well worth the price of admission!

Franken sure is pissed these days. He’s still funny, of course, but he sounded dead serious most of the time, and he’s really, really tired of right wing demonizing of liberals. Plus he’s one of the few people who can hold his own against O’Reilly.

The comments to this post have sort of a real time commentary on the show if you want to read more. And if CSPAN repeats it (and they usually do), it’s well worth tuning into. Plenty of fireworks.

UPDATE: Right now (2 pm Pacific) they’re doing an interview and phone-in with Franken and Ivins. Tune in if you’re interested.