COMMENTS….JoeF of Apathy, Inc left a comment over at Matt Yglesias’ site that piqued my curiosity:

One thing I’ve noticed in my travels of the blogosphere (limited as they might be) is that comments are far more common on liberal blogs than conservative blogs. I can understand Instapundit giving comments up, as it sounds like they were very out of hand there…but it seems like nearly every big conservative/libertarian blog is comments-free. It’s frustrating as heck to be unable to respond to people.

Is that true? I’d peg the top six conservative/libertarian/pro-war sites to be Instapundit, Sullivan, Lileks, LGF, Volokh, and Den Beste. Only one of those six allows comments (although perhaps LGF makes up for all the rest?)

On the liberal side, I’d guess that the half-dozen most popular sites are Atrios, KOS, Marshall, me, Yglesias, and Max. Five out of six allow comments.

I can’t say for sure that my dozen choices are the right ones, but I’m probably not too far off the mark and the difference in comment friendliness is indeed remarkably clear cut. I wonder what accounts for this, or if it’s just some weird coincidence?

UPDATE: More here.

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