HILLARY-NRO SMACKDOWN!….What is today’s most important story? Hillary Clinton, of course, at least if NRO is to be believed. They have an entire category devoted to Hillary today, with a full four articles in it. Their interest in Iraq, conversely, has dwindled to the point where the “At War” section only has two entries.

Four articles! Let’s see what they have to say about the burning question of whether Hillary knew that Bill was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky:

  • Ramesh Ponnuru: “…I don’t believe it for a minute. Maybe it’s partisanship, and maybe it’s Clinton-hating paranoia ? but I doubt it.”

  • Mark Levin: “This is just the latest in her unending line of deceptions.”

  • Kathryn Jean Lopez: “Not quite a damsel in distress. But a distressed wife sells better than an all-business partner in politics when you’re Senator Clinton, running for president.”

  • Dick Morris: “Did Hillary believe her husband’s denials? Come on. Get real. If Winona Ryder were caught running out of Bloomingdale’s clutching an Armani dress with neither a receipt nor a bag, would you assume she hadn’t shoplifted?”

Not a single one of them believes her! Imagine that.

But did they really need four separate people to write four separate columns saying that Hillary lied in four separate ways? I guess Howell Raines isn’t the only editor who knows how to flood the zone.

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