BILL O’REILLY VS. THE INTERNET….Via Instapundit, here is Bill O’Reilly complaining that “nearly every famous person in the country’s under siege” thanks to the internet:

The reason these net people get away with all kinds of stuff is that they work for no one. They put stuff up with no restraints. This, of course, is dangerous, but it symbolizes what the Internet is becoming.

Dangerous indeed! We’re all putting stuff up with no restraints! None!

Jeez, what’s the point of even mocking him over this when he’s practically engaging in auto-mockery these days? He and Nora Vincent should start up their own internet whining club and be done with it.

UPDATE: Fearful Symmetry reports that our socialist brethren in the European Union are busily addressing Bill’s concerns (scroll down to see it). Maybe he should move to France!

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