STONEWALLING….Glenn Reynolds links to a Salon article about George Bush’s resistance to various 9/11 investigations and notes that he’s been critical of this too. That’s correct, and to his credit, but then he says this:

Karl Rove should be thankful, though, for the screechily partisan note of these calls for an investigation, which have so far made them easier to ignore. But my advice to Karl is not to depend too much on the shrillness of his enemies, and to remember that if you act like you’re hiding something, people will sooner or later conclude that you’ve got something to hide.

Bush and his team have been stonewalling for about a year and a half now, so I really have to ask: how long does “sooner or later” last? Even if I were a Bush partisan I think I’d be a little suspicious by now that maybe there’s some fairly damning stuff being hidden behind the national security smokescreen.

Unless, of course, “sooner or later” really means anytime after November 2004….

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