STONEWALLING….Dwight Meredith reports that two of the commissioners on the 9/11 commission have also been called as witnesses for the 9/11 commission. They will then be responsible for assessing the evidence ? including their own testimony ? and writing up the final report. Dwight thinks there’s a wee conflict of interest here.

Something tells me the White House won’t agree. After all, here was the response a couple of days ago to the commission’s request for more time to finish the report:

The push for an extension has created new friction between the panel and the Bush administration, which is concerned that a delay could lead to the release of damaging information about its counterterrorism efforts as the presidential campaign is heating up in late summer.

Why does the commission need more time? Largely because they’ve had such a hard time gathering documents and evidence from an administration that’s been manifestly reluctant to cooperate.

And who can blame them? We wouldn’t want national security concerns to interfere with a presidential campaign, would we?

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