THE NEW YORK TIMES….Hugh Hewitt, writing in the Weekly Standard about candidates for the executive editorship of the New York Times, has this to say:

None of the candidates above–or any of the other long shots–are going to set the New York Times on a course of moderation and objectivity. The paper has sailed too far to the left during the last two decades to get itself back to “paper of record” status anytime soon.

I happen to be reading a history of the New York Times right now, and you will all be happy to learn that the Times has been accused of abandoning its long held neutrality and veering hard left on a regular basis for at least the past 50 years. So take all this with a grain of salt.

I’ve just started getting to the good stuff, though (at least from a blogosphere perspective): the early 90s, when Arthur Sulzberger Jr. took over as publisher and installed the hated Howell Raines as his editorial page editor. I shall report back if I learn anything interesting.

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