BRING ‘EM ON….Over at Eschaton, Leah points to an interesting online poll from Army Times asking for reaction to Bush’s “Bring ’em on” statement. Here’s the response so far:

  • 41% think it showed resolve and confidence.

  • 57% said it was irresponsible.

It’s an online poll, of course, and doesn’t really mean much, but I’m still surprised by the results. My first thought was that maybe Army Times polls are magnets for feisty liberals who like to skew the results, but a quick look at the results of previous polls doesn’t bear that out. The results seem more or less legit.

I never served in the military, but I would have expected that most military folks would kinda like “bring ’em on” as a sign of defiance and fighting spirit. But maybe not. Maybe those soldiers out there are really professionals who want to do their jobs, avoid stupid risks, and know that their enemies shouldn’t be mocked or taken lightly.

And maybe Bush should knock off the macho posturing. It might be making him fewer friends than he thinks.