SPEED LIMITS KILL, according to this piece in The New York Times.

Sam Heldman, whilst pondering whether to give up blogging for good next week, demurs:

There’s only one little problem: the linked article says exactly the opposite….There is literally no sentence in the article that says anything like “SPEED LIMITS KILL,” or even (less colorfully) that death rates are lower if speed limits are higher.

Jeebus, Sam, you call yourself a lawyer? Why look right here in the seventh paragraph:

For Ross — and I’ve heard of experts who agree with him — unrealistically low speed limits widen the gap between law-abiding slowpokes and the restless majority, resulting in lots of risky passing maneuvers and general chaos.

See? Ross ? “a friend of mine,” according to the author ? vaguely implies that “unrealistically low speed limits” might cause some bad stuff to happen. Maybe even death! It’s right there in black and white.

I dunno, Sam, I think you’d better keep blogging for another year until you get the hang of it. It’s obvious you need more practice.

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