VALERIE PLAME STORY HEATING UP….The Valerie Plame story started slowly but is now finally picking up steam. Bush Wars has a good roundup of the latest:

  • Senator Dick Durbin plans to call for an investigation. He also took to the Senate floor to “lash out” at the White House for charging that he had disclosed classified information last week.

  • White House spokesperson Scott McClellan, despite having a week to prepare for this, gave a pretty pitful performance yesterday when asked about the Plame affair. Asked if someone in the administration outed Plame’s CIA role, he said only, “That is not the way this President or this White House operates,” while basically admitting that no one had bothered to investigate yet.

The good news is that this story is finally breaking into the open, which means it’s likely to get further investigation.

In the meantime, Mark Kleiman has a lot to say about this, including a call for a special prosecutor, and the MinuteMan has a timeline of the whole affair. And the news pages of the New York Times, LA Times, and Washington Post? So far, nada. Time to wake up, guys.