LOCKYER TO DAVIS: DROP DEAD….Boomshock passes along the titillating Golden State news that (Democratic) Attorney General Bill Lockyer has laid down the law to (Democratic) Governor Gray Davis:

“If they do the trashy campaign on Dick Riordan … I think there are going to be prominent Democrats that will defect and just say, ‘We’re tired of that puke politics. Don’t you dare do it again or we’re just going to help pull the plug.’

“There is a growing list of prominent Democrats that, if that’s how it evolves, are going to jump ship.”

Asked if he’d be one of them, Lockyer, who has also come out against the recall, calling it “unfair to Gray Davis and bad for the state,” said: “I don’t know.”

Let’s see now: even with a trashy campaign Davis only barely beat neanderthal moron Bill Simon by about 5% in November. Against Riordan he might very well have lost.

So telling Davis to take the high road is tantamount to telling him to just shut up and lose like a man. That’s my take, anyway.

Any other thoughts from my fellow soap opera loving California readers?

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